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wellness program evaluation



A workplace wellness program evaluation is the systematic method to collect, analyze and evaluate employee health
management information. It makes the case for investing in employee health promotion programs as a strategic priority
and the business benefits are substantial. This wellness program evaluation survey is the leading authority that globally
evaluates, measures and research corporate health and wellness trends.


best workplace wellness programs

The paper published by the World Economic Forum "The New Discipline of Workforce Wellness: Enhancing Corporate Performance by Tackling Chronic Disease, indicates the positive economic impact of workplace wellness program best practices. These wellness program evaluations provide deeper insights to Health Promotion and Wellness Managers to review their workplace wellness initiatives according to several international benchmarks. Our benchmarking workplace wellness reports, best practice, consultative and special wellness trend reports help thousands of international organizations with the strategic improvement of their employee health promotion programs. To mention a few, it evaluates workplace wellness strategies, program design and management, employee recognition and program outcomes. The survey is based on the ten most important wellness program benchmarks that provide the following benefits:

Only one person, who is responsible for employee health and wellness management, completes our wellness program evaluation survey. If you have a clear understanding of the content of your wellness program it will take less than 20 minutes to complete this comprehensive and free survey. The wellness program evaluation survey involves both quantitative and qualitative data about the overall management of your workplace wellness program. Many Human Resource Directors, Health Promotion and Employee Wellness Managers effectively use the valuable results, findings and recommendations of their workplace wellness program evaluation to optimize their employee wellness strategy for the better.   

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