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wellness program evaluation survey


A workplace wellness program evaluation is the systematic method to analyze and evaluate your organization`s employee wellness and disease management initiatives. From a holistic perspective, and based on global best practices, our wellness program evaluation survey helps workplace wellness co-ordinators to evaluate their organization's strengths and weaknesses and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Several organizations use our workplace wellness program evaluation survey to review and strategically redesign their employee wellness and disease management system. At the end of the comprehensive wellness program evaluation survey, you could also purchase our workplace wellness program evaluation report filled with global standards, best practices and recommendations to continuously improve your workplace wellness program.


wellness program evaluation report

Research shows companies that are recognized for promoting the safety, health and wellness of their employees appear to be high performers in the marketplace. From a human capital management perspective, our workplace wellness program evaluation reports provide deeper understanding, knowledge and insight to Corporate Wellness Managers to continuously improve their workplace wellness initiatives. Our benchmark workplace wellness program evaluation and consultative reports helped several international organizations establish and improve their employee health promotion programs. To mention a few best practices that are evaluated in this survey are for example: wellness and disease management information, the employee wellness strategy, multi-level leadership engagement, the workplace wellness committee and appropriate population health management interventions. In addition, our workplace wellness program evaluation survey provides the following benefits to corporations:

Only one person, who is responsible for employee health and wellness management, completes our workplace wellness program evaluation survey. If you have a clear understanding of the content of your workplace wellness and disease management efforts, it will take about 30 minutes to complete this comprehensive survey. The comprehensive wellness program evaluation survey involves both quantitative and qualitative data about the overall management of your workplace wellness program. Many Human Resource Directors, Health Promotion and Employee Wellness Managers effectively use the results, findings and recommendations of their workplace wellness program evaluation to optimize their wellness and disease management practices.

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